Writing Resources

Academic writing is an important skill for graduate students and scholars. As a graduate school professor, it is evident that many students who are good critical thinkers and good writers still struggle in academic writing. For many, the struggle is simply adjusting to writing a doctorate level. Below are a number of resources that I recommend regularly to students and scholars who are trying to master academic writing. 

Writing Videos by Louis Hoffman, PhD
I developed a number of writing videos to aid in providing feedback to students and helping students succeed in courses that I teach. A list of these videos with links is provided on this page. 

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) 
The link here is to the section of Purdue’s writing lab on APA style; however, they have many other valuable resources you may want to peruse and bookmark. 

APA Style Essentials by Dr. Douglas Degelman
This is a great quick cheat sheet for many APA style basics. 

Grammar Girl
Grammar Girl is a great resource for grammar questions. I often will search using Google or other web browsers with “grammar girl” and the grammar question. For example, I may use the search terms “that versus which” and “grammar girl.” There is also a search feature on the web site. When grading papers, I often refer students to her resources on particular issues as well. 

APA Style
This is the American Psychological Association’s site for APA style. While obviously they would like everyone to buy the APA Style Manual, they do have many nice resources here as well. 

Avoiding Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism
This is a nice quick guide. Self-plagiarism is a common problem. Some of the examples of this are more obvious, such as using previously submitted papers for another class and resubmitting to a different class, or taking portions of papers from a previous class and reusing. Unless otherwise noted, in classes and journals you should never just cut-and-paste from previous work. In the age of the internet, it has becoming easier to plagiarize, but also much easier to identify plagiarism. Whether unintentional or intentional, it can have severe consequences that impact your professional future. It is best to be clear on what constitutes plagiarism and self-plagiarism. 

Critical Thinking in Scholarly Writing (Video) by Louis Hoffman
This video was originally created for a class I designed; however, it covers many important basics of scholarly writing and critical thinking, including some information on how to reference in APA style. If taking a class with me I highly recommend you view this video if you have not already. It gives you some tips on my approach to grading papers as well. 

Critical Thinking in Online Classroom Participation (Video) by Louis Hoffman
Discussion in online classrooms is increasingly a common component of college and graduate school education. This is a form of scholarly writing/communication; however, it is different than writing an essay or scholarly paper. Although there is great variability in what professors expect in online classroom discussion, this video provides an overview of some important aspects of online classroom discussion. If taking a course with me it will be particularly relevant. 

Determining and Using Scholarly Resources
This is a webpage that I developed pertaining to a common problem I encounter when grading papers. 

Internet Resources and Scholarly Writing
This is a webpage that I developed to assist students in thinking through how to use internet resources in an appropriate manner in scholarly writing. 

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